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I am Elizabeth and I have over thirty years breeding and observing cats. Most of my life I have lived in Europe, a place where cats are highly respected and almost every home has one. Hence a learning: a cat is part of the family, a pinch of daily positivism and sometimes the best friend that we can have..

By adopting a new member of the family, ther´s not a whim to satisfy; a part of oneself is given in exchange for receiving a lot of affection, love and good company. Before receiving a pet at home, we immerse ourselves in a search for compatibility between the family and the pet; an extraordinary connection where the priority is the spiritual and physical well-being of both parts. Do not forget that animals also feel the negativity or love that is transmitted to them.. 

Throughout my life, I have had several breeds of cats such as the Turkish Angora, the Norwegian Forest, the Russian Blue, several Persian cats, among many more until finally, I got to know the wonderful breed of Sphynx cats. A sphynx cat is a light breeze of affection or a little hurricane of love; It all depends on the moment, the day and how much we let ourselves be loved. A sphynx cat is always ready to purr, be happy and give the happiness from the first moment we open the doors of our homes.   

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